Finally, a fundraiser that fits your Lifestyle

Start raising money in your everyday life with scrip

Instead of committing time and energy to sell products, run an event, or ask for donations, with scrip, you'll raise money for your organization simply by using a gift card to pay for your everyday purchases. 

Here's how it works:

Your organization enrolls in a scrip program on ShopWithScrip.com and members of your group join.
Members order gift cards and earn rebates that go to your organization for immediate fundraising.
They use the gift cards on all of their everyday purchases, from running errands to a nice dinner out.

Any fundraiser can look good on paper, check out this video to see scrip in action:

As you can see, managing a scrip program isn't a tall order. But besides its ease, the best part about scrip is you're just changing the payment method for the money you'd be spending anyway, so every family in your nonprofit organization can participate.

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