Learn what it takes to run a successful scrip fundraising program from a real school.

Our case study examines how St. Lucy’s Parish School grew its program into the well-oiled machine it is today. 

Download the case study now to learn how St. Lucy’s Parish School:

  • Promotes its scrip program to families.
  • Keeps families engaged with scrip all year long.
  • Uses online tools to run a seamless program.
  • Raised thousands of dollars each year for the past 15 years.

St. Lucy's Parish School Case Study

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"As a parent, Scrip has made it so much easier for us to raise money for our school without having to send the kids out to sell something door-to-door."

Karie Dawkins Skamser
The Ambrose School

“Scrip fundraising continues to generate thousands of dollars to help fund classroom technology, school enrichment activities, and tuition assistance.”

Angela Lefeber
Saint Lucy Catholic School Parish