Don't run a school fundraiser blindly. Get smart, and learn the truth about school fundraising!

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There are a lot of fundraising ideas out there for schools and nonprofits. But is going door-to-door selling cookie dough, candy, and candles really your best bet in the age of increasing fundraising fatigue? Or should you take the no-selling route?

In this infographic you'll learn:

  • Statistics about school fundraising.
  • Three fundraising options and their return on investment.
  • Why scrip fundraising is a great no-selling alternative to traditional fundraisers.

Download our infographic and become a fundraiser expert

Just what is scrip anyway?

If you want to learn about the basics of scrip fundraising before you dive in, watch this video! 

Testimonials from successful programs:
"As a parent, Scrip has made it so much easier for us to raise money for our school without having to send the kids out to sell something door-to-door."
Karie Dawkins Skamser, The Ambrose School
“Scrip fundraising continues to generate thousands of dollars to help fund classroom technology, school enrichment activities, and tuition assistance.”
Angela Lefeber, Saint Lucy Catholic School Parish